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The Clinic


My name is Hayley, I am an advanced aesthetics practitioner based in Helston Cornwall. I pride myself in having the unique ability to tailor treatments to each individual by both enhancing and complimenting their natural beauty.   


We strive for excellence in everything we do specialising in the highest quality, scientifically proven aesthetic treatments to help you achieve your beauty goals in a caring, honest and respectful environment. We believe that beauty lies in individuality and our aim is to keep that individuality, whilst helping you look and feel like the best version of yourself with subtle enhancements to your natural beauty.


So whether you are wanting to soften your crows feet with botox, enhance your beautiful smile with dermal lip filler or dissolve that stubborn double chin with Aqualyx, we at Classen aesthetics have the right treatment to suit your individual requirements to the highest standards within the cosmetic industry.   

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